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Data Security and Protection


We are a team of Network and Wireless specialists that will assist with your technology needs, with the design and implementation of a cost-effective technology solution for:

  • SW/HW for IP Video streaming

  • Home Office / Small Office Internet Network

  • Initial network design, budgeting, & implementation

  • Computer Installation / Configuration / Upgrade

  • Program and Files Backup for Computer / Servers

  • Firewalls and Network Security

  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

  • Print Server / Network Storage System

  • Network Attached Storage

  • Ransomware Protection / Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Internet connection (Wired / Wireless )

  • Wi-Fi and guest networks

  • Long-range wireless Internet (PTP / PTMP)

  • Network Video Recording & Security Camera System

  • Ethernet cabling (Coaxial, Twisted Pair & Fiber-Optic)

  • Computer Software for Education, Home or Business

Our Services

Our Services

Ransomware Protection

Malicious software that locks your files and demands payment to access them.

The attack encrypts critical files and systems and renders them inaccessible to the owner.
The perpetrators then demand a payment  for the private key required to decrypt and access the files.

Networking Continuity

Businesses stay connected with the Internet that is always up and running with a fully integrated 4G LTE failover.

Automatic self-correction to maintain maximum uptime in case an AP loses its hardwired connection.

Disaster Recovery

It can happen to any business at any time and the downtime they cause is truly catastrophic, many of which never recover. The strength to avert disasters and effectively handle the ones that occur starts with knowledge.

Is Your Business Cyber Resilient? Find Out!

U.S. State Dept. investigating alleged theft of government data

The U.S. State Department is investigating claims that a hacker stole government data from a third-party contractor.

On April 2, a threat actor known as IntelBroker claimed they stole data related to multiple U.S. agencies including the State Department, Defense Department, and National Security Agency. IntelBroker said they got their hands on the data by breaching Acuity, a U.S. technology consulting firm that works with federal agencies.

“The Department is aware of claims that a cyber incident has occurred and is currently investigating,” a State Department spokesperson said. “For security reasons, we will not provide details on the nature and scope of the claim.”

IntelBroker alleges the stolen files contain classified information belonging to the Five Eyes intelligence alliance including the full names, emails, office numbers, and personal cell numbers of government, military, and Pentagon employees, as well as their email addresses. IntelBroker posted screenshots of some allegedly stolen documents. 

Neither Acuity nor any of the agencies impacted by the alleged breach have commented on IntelBroker’s claims. 

The Importance of Cyber Resilience

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Threat Alerts


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