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Networking Continuity

Network Appliance features a fully integrated 5G or 4G LTE radio. When the main Internet connection goes down, the appliance detects it and automatically switches over to a 5G or 4G LTE network. This automatic failover means customers can continue to work, even when the primary Internet connection is down.

While the appliance operates in failover mode, it continually pings both the primary and secondary (if configured) WAN interface to determine if and when the Internet connection has been restored and is stable. The appliance seamlessly fails back to its primary Internet connection when it is.

Eliminate downtime and costly business interruptions with always-on networking that you can securely manage from anywhere.





External Antenna Accessory
As many networking appliances are physically located in a back room, in a closet or simply “out of the way,” there are scenarios where the location of the appliance can cause interference and negatively affect the appliance’s ability to connect to the LTE network. To remedy this situation, we provide an optional, external antenna. This additional antenna support creates more flexibility and options for you to deploy the Networking Appliance and improves connectivity, even in low signal environments.

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